01 June 2011

Finding the Ideal Holiday Homes in Amsterdam

The beautiful city of Amsterdam offers more than just a relaxing weekend for tourists. It is also a city of culture with significant historical important not only for Netherlands but also for Europe. Structures from the past centuries, amazing culture and impressive natural setting make Amsterdam one of the top tourist destinations worldwide.

The Four Districts
Amsterdam’s city center has four districts: Old City, Canal Ring, Jordaan and Plantage. The most popular tourist destination is the Old City because it’s home to most of the century old structures in Amsterdam.
The Canal Ring, as the name suggests, is an area in the city where the river pass through. Although the area is known for its UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is also a popular spot for young adults because of the vibrant nightlife.
The district of Jordaan is well known for its multitude of boutiques and modern restaurants. Tourists on a budget often look for affordable souvenirs, food and other services in this district.
The district of Plantage slowly became a popular tourist attraction because of the botanical gardens and the zoo. The original plan for the district is to become an extension of the canal. But the plan was scrapped and the district became a spot for natural attractions.
Perfect Holiday Home Locations
The best holiday homes in Amsterdam are the ones that can give you a good view of the city. Holiday homes in the Canal Ring could be a bit expensive because of its historical importance but it’s worth it. Many of the holiday homes face in this district face the beautiful river and other attractions. For a more affordable alternative, the holiday homes in Jordaan are good options.

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