01 August 2011

Cheapest Places in Europe to Buy a House

Owning a property in Europe is an ideal investment especially for people interested in traveling. A home in one of the countries in Europe means you can visit many nearby countries with ease. Your property could be a temporary summer home or you can move to a new house in a different country with interesting culture, tradition and accessible as well as an exotic destination.
Fortunately, there are ideal investment destinations in Europe especially for property hunters. Properties in many of these countries are inexpensive which opens doors to those who want a home or a source of investment in Europe.
The city of Leipzig still has some scars from the 2nd World War and many residents left the city when Germany was unified during the 90s. It’s an ideal investment for long term bargain hunters because interest in Leipzig is increasing although development is still slow. You could even purchase a block of property if you have the funds.
Czech Republic
The city area can be a little bit expensive because of the bustling business and government offices. But the rural area of Czech Republic is ideal for bargain hunters. The properties outside the city are increasing in value but still inexpensive compared to other properties in Europe.
Former Soviet Union States
Properties in Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia and Belarus are relatively inexpensive. These countries are still rebuilding which means development is not as aggressive compared to well-developed countries. However, it’s a good investment option, especially if you are simply looking for a property to sell later.

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