02 September 2011

Top Affordable Property Locations in Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is an emerging real estate market in Europe and a perfect holiday destination, which makes it the hottest yet sound property investment opportunity out there. Because the market is still in its early stages, there are still many affordable luxury properties. Miles and miles of untapped beaches with amazing views of different types of landscape await new property owners willing to explore the possibilities of owning a beautiful property in an emerging market.Some people compare its beauty with Spain’s sandy beaches, when unspoilt about forty years ago.

Kyrenia – Historic Town with Infinite Possibilities

Kyrenia is a bustling town with beautiful beaches and hotels. It’s well known for its historic structures such as its Castle and Church dedicated to Michael the Archangel. Its harbor is one of the busiest in the region with various hotels and beaches.

Catalkoy – Small Village with Rural Atmosphere

Six kilometers east of Kyrenia is a small but beautiful village of Catalkoy. It’s an increasingly popular real estate market because of its proximity to Kyrenia. But because of its rural atmosphere it’s still very affordable. Catalkoy is a highly recommended property for those who want to have an accessible and quiet property. The area would be great for a North Cyprus holiday home.

Kumyali Village – Village Full of Surprises

Tucked in the northeast portion of island, the village is well known for its different types of churches and Monasteries. The most popular attraction is the Church of St. Solomon built during the 15th century which features unique frescoes and markings. The area also features a golden-sand beach where most of the popular properties are on sale.

These are the village and towns with impressive, affordable properties in Northern Cyprus. They are highly accessible and promise a serene vacation for property owners.

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  1. Tommy4:43 AM

    Visited North Cyprus couple of times in the past 2 years. Have always drawn back by the lovely weather and beautiful beaches. Maybe I should consider investing in a property due to my frequent visits. Next time when will be in North Cyprus will check out Catalkoy. Thanks to this post now I know where to look for an affordable, but in the same time quiet and accessible holiday home.