15 December 2011

Top Tricks to Decorate your Home for Christmas for Free

Christmas is coming and people are decorating their houses to celebrate the holiday season. Many people love Christmas decorations as they improve their home’s look and feel and some are spending thousands of pounds (or dollars) to achieve this.

However, amid global financial instability and insecurity, there’s a significant rise in people that are looking for simple and economical ways to Christmas decorate their houses. And not only there is no harm in spending less for Christmas decorations, but you will also end up with much more money to spend on presents for those people that matter the most.

Decorations might help but making presents and sharing love is true spirit of Christmas so don’t worry about spending money on decorations, save it for presents. Fortunately, there are quite a few tricks you can do at home to improve your property without spending too much. These are practical and budget friendly but it can do wonders to your home during the holidays.
Taking Advantage of the Old Christmas Cards

It’s time to take out all the Christmas cards you’ve been receiving for many years. Instead of having them collect dust, use them as wall decorations. Carefully place them around the house so that they can instantly remind you of the Christmas season. You only have to buy white tack and a few extra materials to customize the look of them.

Be Natural
Use Mother Nature’s gifts and decorate your coffee tables with evergreen branches, pinecones or berries (cranberries are pretty nice) and place a candle holder in the middle. Now, imagine the lit candle with the natural branches on a fireplace. It creates a dramatic effect indeed...
You can even decorate the doors with any type of greenery that you can get your hands on! Use holiday color spray if you choose.

Affordable Decoration
Aside from old Christmas cards, improve your design at home with affordable decorations from £1 stores. You’ll be surprised by what you could find in these stores, especially during the holiday season. Their items are very affordable and you can always add some glitter at home.
Ribbons and bows are also a very cheap and easy way to transform...anything! From your pillows, to furniture, or even cupboards... Tie anything with holiday coloured ribbons and they’ll immediately look like Christmas gifts!

Using Fake Trees
Using the traditional Christmas tree can be a great idea but very expensive not to mention the time it requires for decoration and clearing up. Save money by using fake trees since they are more affordable and you can keep them for next year’s holiday season.

photo courtesy of Jim Bastardo