22 February 2012

Time Saving Alternatives to Grass

Growing grass in your holiday property requires time, patience and money. If you do not take care of it, through regular maintenance it can be filled with weeds and grow tall degrading your property. The task of cutting the grass can become very tedious especially if you are not living in the property for the entire year.
Fortunately, there are alternatives to grass that help save time and are easy to maintain. Below we have listed some of the best solutions for your lawn;

At first glance, clover may look like it’s a type of weed that will only make your lawn look bad. But to an experienced landscaper, clover could be easily integrated or mixed with grass and the look of the lawn remains the same. It’s a perfect alternative especially when you don’t plan to step on the lawn as clover can beautifully cover your ground.

Artificial Grass
Forget about cutting your lawn frequently and instead install artificial grass in your holiday home. Placing the material is relatively simple and it requires very little maintenance. Because of advances in technology, the look of artificial grass has greatly improved in the past few years.

Patio Xeriscape
This is one of the most popular alternatives to grass. Instead of focusing your efforts in planting grass, you can create a patio that takes full advantage of stones. It requires a little bit creativity but with proper design, you can easily create a beautiful patio xeriscape that requires very little maintenance.

photo courtesy of teofilo


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