12 April 2012

Got a Holiday Flat or House in London or Weymouth?

If you have a Holiday flat or house in London, this could be the right moment to make some extra cash. With the Olympic Games starting the 27th July and ending the 12th august 2012, many visitors are looking for a place to stay. Especially if you are close to the Olympic Games complex (Stratford), this could be quite profitable. The overall market prices in London have already risen by 16% from 2011 to 2012 according to some Real Estate Agencies . House prices have risen by 1.4% since 2010  in almost all areas of England.

You could also let your own house for the Olympic Games to go on holidays. This way the Games will fund your holidays and you’ll avoid the Olympic chaos ; win-win for you!

According to experts the letting prices are set to double or triple in the Stratford area. Already within walk distance from the Olympic Pak in Stratford we can see some quite ordinary homes at as much as £5.000 a week. Despite the increase,the East End area remains one of the cheapest areas in London. Over the long term, the Olympic Games will be really profitable for properties in this area, due to improved infrastructure and transport links.

The only question is, will they be able to let them at these prices? Some will, some others will run out of luck, some hotels owners in this area said that they will stick to their usual charges in order not to lose out from competitors, but many hotels have double or tripled their prices, and people are still booking their rooms, especially the Ocean View apartments in Weymouth.

Moreover, some other home owners got inquiries from the Japanese and the Canadian sailing team, which is a pretty good argument to raise the prices.

photo courtesy of ell brown 


  1. I feel that this summer is going to be very difficult for all Londoners. Even if as a Londoner I am very proud for the Olympics Games I think that the centre of the city will be very crowded and I really hope this period of the summer to somewhere out of London, maybe in a gold sand beach.

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  3. Stuart4:16 AM

    I understand how the rental price would go up for properties in and around London due to the Olympics but I do not see how prices for properties on sale are demanding for higher prices. Obviously people coming for the games are not going to buy a house to stay for 2 weeks?

  4. Rodney9:58 AM

    I was thinking about renting a room of my flat, but then I thought that living in Greenwich will be difficult enough (travel to work, shopping, going out on week end and stuff) so that I don't need some additional stress with people staying at home.

  5. Anonymous7:15 AM

    I have already rented a room in my flat for the Olympics. It was so simple!!!

  6. IT is good idea that If you have a Holiday flat or house in London, this could be the right moment to make some extra cash.