14 September 2012

MyExpat - The Telegraph’s Service for British Expatriates

For those of you living the dream, with a lovely home abroad on some sunny section of paradise who are planning on leaving the Great British summer of grey clouds and rain (why would you want to go?!) The Telegraph, great British paper that it is, now provides a service for expatriates to discuss news abroad and connect with other British nationals living overseas – MyExpat

The service has been running for some time now and has gained quite a following, and it’s perfect for finding out if you want to find out whether moving abroad is right for you, or meeting new people that live in the same area as you.

It has great tips for dealing with overseas education, health and finance issues and it’s kept up to date by the people living abroad who have been through it all before and who know what information you need, people who are living through it now and keeping up to date with everything going on in the countries that can affect expats.

You can use the service to streamline your move abroad, or use it as an informal way of keeping up to date with information if you’re already overseas.

It’s a definite recommendation to anyone planning on moving abroad and just a suggestion for those already out there, chances are you know what’s going on. Either way, it’s a good platform for keeping in touch with your British roots, even if you can’t stand the weather.

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