23 April 2014

How to Build a Fire Pit in Your Outdoor Space

It is a great thing to be able to relax outdoors in front of a real fire (especially in the colder months!), and with a fire pit you have a safe and easy way to do so.  Fire pits are perfect for relaxing in the evenings, having friends over and enjoying the outdoors when the weather gets a little chilly.

If you think it is difficult to make your own fire pit, think again!

Fire pits are a really easy garden project. With very little effort you can transform the look and functionality of your outdoor space, so what are you waiting for?!

Before you begin there are a few things to consider: 
  • Check local residential association guidelines to ensure open fires are allowed 
  • You’ll need an open area away from the home, flora, and anything else that could catch fire
  • Think about the prevailing wind direction to stop smoke going where you don’t want it to
  • Don’t build on decking 

Building Your Basic Fire Pit 

If you want to build on the ground, it’s a good idea to construct a block base, and the good news is these are really easy to make.  Simply dig up the area so you’re left with soil, add a base of gravel and then a layer of sand on top.  To complete the base you should add stone blocks and cement them together.  To make sure the layers are level, use a spirit level. Of course, if you already have a suitable paved area you can skip this step entirely.
For a circular fire pit construction you will need to get your hands on some castle/stone blocks that are cut into the suitable shape so that when you arrange them into a circumference they form a nice neat circle.  Four layers of these blocks should be fine. Any good home improvement store will have the right blocks for the job. T here is no need to cement the circular rows of blocks, so this part will literally only take you a few minutes.

But not too fast! Before you begin the main fire pit construction you’ll need a steel fire pit bowl – again these are available from any good home improvement store (you won’t need the legs).  To get the right diameter for your circular rows of blocks you should place the screen cover of the fire pit bowl onto your fire pit base.  Then arrange the stone blocks around the cover.  By doing this you are making sure that the fire pit tray will fit nice and snugly into the centre of the ring.

If you are planning on making the block base, you might be wondering how to get the size of the base right.  Do a preliminary construction of the circular blocks first on the open ground, and then measure the diameter.  The paving base does not need to be too much bigger than the fire pit construction.  Having a base that is a little too big is better than having one that is too small!

Other Options

You can use the above method to make your fire pit without relying on a fire pit bowl.  If you choose not to use a fire pit bowl however you must instead line the interior of your fire pit construction with fire proof blocks.  Whichever method you choose, make sure you clean out the ashes from your fire pit regularly.

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