03 December 2014

Quirky Christmas Decoration Ideas

Thanks to the fun and wacky world of Pinterest, here are some unusual and quirky ideas for decorating your home for Christmas this year.

Rather than buying the same baubles as everyone else from a shop, how about creating your own out of golf balls? These are made by screwing a picture hook into the top of the ball and then the balls are decorated using a variety of materials like marker pens and modelling clay.

These unusual angels were made out of an old picket fence. Making decorations out of things that would have otherwise been thrown away seems to be all the rage this year. When you look at these you can see why.

Another bit of 'shabby chic' has been achieved here by hanging baubles off an old rake.

Here someone has had the bright idea of turning something natural into decorations. They have made topiary style trees using apples. It looks like they have made their wreaths using some sort of fruit too.

Feathers are another natural resource which can be easily turned into decorations. These have been made very pretty by simply being dipped in sparkly gold paint.

There's all sorts you can do with baubles. Rather than being predictable and hanging them on the Christmas tree, how about finding some nice colourful ribbon and hanging them from that?

All of these ideas are cheap and relatively simple to make. Having decorations which are quirky and unusual will ensure that your house looks completely different to everyone else's this Christmas.

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