16 January 2009

Albania - a rising star for investors

For those of you who do not know, Albania has finally become a great tourist destination. Most people go to Albania to explore all of its hidden treasures that it has everywhere. However, others seem to go to Albania for other reasons as well. This is a place that is full of charm and a positive atmosphere. Not only that, but it is full of great food and amazing shops. This is a place that has remained, pretty much, unchanged for years, and that is why so many people want now to go and see this hot spot.

Of course, if that is not enough for you to want to jump on board the great investment opportunities in Albania, then think about this: not only does Albania have everything we just talked about, but it is also full of miles of crystal clear beaches. If that does not scream summer hot spot, then nothing does!

The amount of visitors that have been coming to Albania has been on the rise. In fact, they say that there has been over a 20% increase in the amount of tourists to the Albania area. These are records that were taken in June, compared to the previous year's June records. However, you have to act now while the prices of property are still low. There has still yet to be any massive property growth in this area, so it's the perfect time for someone to come in and make a killing. In this kind of industry, you have to know when to strike when the iron is hot, and it's burning up right now!

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  1. Anonymous4:07 AM

    Albania property must be cheap. I did not follow the prices in the area or anything, but the country is cheap as far as I know.