13 July 2009

Property in Pattaya, Thailand

One of the most popular cities in Thailand is Pattaya. Located in the southern part of the country, the city is often considered as the alternative to Phuket as the favourite travel destination for tourists around the world. Merely two hours from Bangkok, tourists can enjoy the beauty of the beach and the hospitality of the locals with only after a few hours of travel in the country.

Pattaya even has an advantage over Phuket. Pattaya is connected to the mainland which means tourists can reach Pattaya by land. Phuket on the other hand, is an island which will require tourists an additional plane ride before they arrive in the island. Its connection to the mainland is also one of the reasons why the city is rapidly expanding. Business is growing the in the city while tourism is improving significantly.

If you’re looking for a holiday property in Pattaya, you have two options. The first option to purchase a property that offers a beach from view on a condominium. Because of the popularity of the beach of Pattaya, condominiums were built to provide the security and comfort of the city life while allowing easy access to the beach. The second option is to purchase a home outside the city which is very ideal for a family.

Acquiring a property in Pattaya is very easy because of its relaxed conditions for foreign ownership. You can practically pick a property that you want and lock it up only to be opened when you’re back for your annual vacation.

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