06 July 2011

Holiday Homes in Bath

Around 160 kilometers west or 100 miles from London is the beautiful city of Bath. England’s most popular city for tourist attracts with more than 4.4 million visitors every year thanks to its natural hot springs, amazing architecture and the city’s lively vibe. The nearest major city in Bath is Bristol which is often the take off point for visitors touring England.

The main attraction of Bath is the hot springs and baths that became popular as early as the Roman Era. Although they were lost for many years, the Roman baths were again discovered during the 18th century and became a well-known tourist attraction since the natural hot springs are still there.

Bath’s has many more attractions than their natural hot springs. The structures that house the springs feature a very interesting mix of Roman and Gregorian architecture. The beautiful architecture in these structures is not just on the springs but on many structures around the city. A good example is the Bath Abbey, Pulteney Bridge and the Royal Crescent.

Because of the city’s popularity, the Holiday Homes in Bath could be a bit expensive especially near the popular tourist locations. However, there are small cottages and self catering houses that offer discounts for travelers outside Bath. This is the ideal holiday home for tourists in Bath because they can easily visit the popular tourist destination without spending too much. They will also have a chance to take a good look and experience the serene rural life in Somerset.

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