07 September 2011

Top 3 Beach Towns in the UK

A fun weekend vacation at the beach doesn’t have to be in an exotic destination such as Bora Bora or Phuket. There are actually beaches in the UK that have become one of the best tourist destinations in the country for their friendly atmosphere, impressive amenities and beautiful beaches. These are beach towns that constantly attract locals because of their appeal during the summer season.


Located in the North West region of England, Lancashire has become a favorite for tourists during the summer season. The impressive Blackpool Pleasure Beach is among the top amusement parks in the UK not to mention it also features a resort with world class amenities. It’s the top destination for families because of the numerous rides in the amusement park.


In the South West region of England lays the beautiful county of Dorset. It is one of the country’s top beach destinations because of its rural appeal. While the county still has some world class and highly accessible facilities, there are no cities in the county. Dorset is composed of small villages and large towns which greatly contribute to the county’s appeal.


On the West side of Dorset is another beautiful county. Devon has a similar appeal to Dorset. The county features numerous bays such as Woolacombe and Babbacombe which contain many unique attractions. Complementing the beauty of the bays and beaches of Dorset are the UNESCO World Historical Sites.