06 September 2012

Top 5 Best and Worst Countries to Own Properties

Property markets have been fluctuating all year. Some countries fared better than other but for the most part, countries saw a slight drop in property value. For those of you who own property abroad, or are considering it, here are the 5 countries that bucked the trend and prospered followed by the worst hit areas to have an estate (all figures are adjusted for inflation by Global Property Guide).


  • Sao Paulo, Brazil
    • Year-on-year gain: 15.56%

  • Norway
    • Year-on-year gain: 6.26%

  • Delhi, India
    • Year-on-year gain: 6.23%

  • Germany
    • Year-on-year gain: 5.34%

  • Switzerland
    • Year-on-year gain: 4.86%

The gains are incredibly impressive, and reassuring for the economies of those countries. Brazil’s development is obviously the most impressive, with the market growing far beyond anywhere else in the world.

These places are great for holiday properties, if you want to purchase one you’ll have to pay more but can be confident that you’ll see a rise in the value of your chosen property. If you choose to sell, then you’ll be getting far more than last year.

Unfortunately some countries struggled over the past 12 months.


  • Ireland
    • Year-on-year loss: 16.85%

  • Spain
    • Year-on-year loss: 13.18%

  • Greece
    • Year-on-year loss: 11.92%

  • Portugal
    • Year-on-year loss: 10.95%

  • Holland
    • Year-on-year loss: 10.12%

The worst hit areas reflect the countries that are struggling within the Euro-zone. Ireland, Spain and most notably Greece have all suffered since going into recession several years ago and have required bailouts from other European countries. This has caused a huge amount of uncertainty and a lack of faith in the economy and house prices have fallen as a result.

Don’t worry too much, there’s no need to sell your holiday homes yet. Tourism and holidays are seeing a rise, especially throughout Europe. Just don’t try to sell right now, it should all pick up soon.

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