28 February 2013

3 ways to make your guests book again next year

For anyone renting out a property short term, there are a few things that make life easier and less stressful. And the way you can make this happen is by going the extra mile for your guests, to make sure their stay is as convenient as possible.

So as well as making sure the basics like cleaning are sorted, you can add to their experience by adding a few special touches, all of which will more than pay for itself if it means the guests come back next year. 

18 February 2013

How tax changes will affect your second home

Until recently, owning a holiday home and renting it out was a smart investment. Any losses could be offset against the tax on other earnings, and capital gains tax and inheritance tax could be deferred or avoided under the rules that govern business assets.

All this made it a win-win for higher-rate tax-payers: if your holiday home was netting you extra income, then great.